Five For Friday and a Freebie

Friday, April 4, 2014

 Is it already Friday again?  Where did the week go?  This week I've been busy hanging out mostly.  My daycare was sick part of the week so I wasn't able to work much and no school today at all.  So, my youngest and I spent most of the week hanging out at home.
While I was hanging out at home I decided to make more fonts.  I've been busily making fonts for learning handwriting.  They are great for kiddos just learning how to write.  I'm planning on using them in some products in the very near future.  I've bundled all my fonts together into a big Mega Font Bundle.  If you're interested in just the Handwriting Practice fonts those are also in a small bundle.
 I've also been working a lot with my preschool age son on his ABC's.  We've been using the ABC book I created last week to learn some letters.  So far we've done letter A and B.  For the A page he drew an ant, apple, and alligator steaks (He really wanted a steak, but I kept saying it needed to start with a, so we settled on alligator steaks.  No, we've never eaten alligator steaks.)  Sorry, I don't have a picture.
I finished my Facebook page this week and there's a really great math freebie on it.  You need to like my Facebook page in order to grab the freebie.  It's an Easter themed freebie.  I hope you enjoy it.
I've finally hung the alphabet matching cards on the fridge.  My son has been working on matching his abc's.  This activity has finally gotten his interest more than others to learn his alphabet.  I hope he'll keep at it because he does seem to be a reluctant learner.

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