Tons and Tons of Frames

Thursday, April 10, 2014
I wasn't going to work on any clipart this week because I really really need to finish the CVC packet I've been working on.  Well, I needed some frames for my packet, so I ended up making more clipart.  Once I started with the frames I just couldn't stop.  I made 192 frames
 This first picture shows all of the frames.  I bundled all of the sets together for those who need different shapes but the same design.  This set has all 192 frames in a huge Scrappy Doodle Frame Border Bundle.
The set above are the Scrappy Doodle Circle Frames I made.  In each set of frames there are four different designs.  Each design comes in all 12 colors shown above for a total of 48 frames.
The set pictured above are the Scrappy Doodle Headers.  Again, there are 48 frames in this set.  Each design comes in 12 different colors.
This set is the Scrappy Doodle Square frames.  Again, there are 48 frames.
This last set is Scrappy Doodle Rectangle Frames.  There are also 48 frames in this set.

You can get the frames separate or buy the bundle in the first picture for a discount.

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