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Friday, May 23, 2014

This week started off horrible for me.  I caught the wonderful bug that's been going around and was sick for four whole days.  It was awful.  Both my kids got it and were only sick for two days.  I'm not sure how I got so lucky to be sick for four days but I was.  Now I'm all better thank goodness!
 This week I finished a CVC Magnet Matching set.  These are so wonderful.  They can be laminated and used on a cookie sheet or any other magnetic surface.  There are different versions included in the set.  Some have the words already spelled out and the students need to find the corresponding magnets.  Others are blank so students can spell the words on their own.  There are also pages for students to practice tracing and writing their CVC words.  The CVC Maget Matching is a great set for students who are just learning their CVC words.
I also finished a set of Snail Clipart.  This set is so adorable (at least I think so).  It's filled with all different snails, umbrellas, clouds, flowers, and two suns.  I love love love this set!
Another set of clipart I finished is this Whimsy Cottage set.  I love how this set turned out.  There are different houses, whimsical trees, flowers, birds, and an adorable sun.  This set would work great for so many different projects.
I didn't do too many other things this week, since I was sick, but I did get out into my garden and work on it for a bit.  We're enjoying fresh strawberries, radishes, and lettuce this week.  I love growing my own food and enjoying the benefits of my hard labor.

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