New Clipart Sets and CVC Magnet Matching

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
I finished two new sets of clipart this past week.  Which was truly amazing considering I was extremely ill for four whole days.  I caught the bug that's going around like crazy here.  I thought I'd never recover, but I did and finally got some things done.
The first set of clipart I finished is this adorable set of Snails. There are so many cute snails, clouds, umbrellas, and flowers in this set. It's so cute and such vibrant colors.
The second set of clipart I finished is the Whimsy Cottage set.  I love everything about this set.  I think it's so cute, yet simple and could go with so many different projects and worksheets.
I also finished this wonderful CVC Magnet Matching.  There are a few different things included in this bundle.  There are pages with the words already spelled out and some with just the picture so the students have to try and spell the word with magnets.  There are also worksheets for students to trace the words and some with no tracing where the students will write the words.
The CVC Magnet Matching is a really great bundle for students who are just learning about CVC words and need help or extra practice.

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