Alphabet Mazes and Other Activites for Practicing the Alphabet

Thursday, January 15, 2015
We've been busily working on the alphabet at our house. I've been trying everything I can to help my youngest learn his alphabet as quickly as possible. The great thing is that I see it's actually working! Yeah!!!
This week we've been focusing on two letters so far, tomorrow he'll probably learn a new letter.  To help reinforce his letters I created some alphabet mazes.  He loves these!  They're great for identifying both the uppercase and lowercase letters.

Students could use the mazes in a variety of ways.  They could color the letters, use a dauber, and highlight.  You could also have them circle the uppercase letters and underline the lowercase letters.  These are just a few of my ideas, but I'm sure you would have others.

Also, to reinforce his letters he's been working on his interactive alphabet notebook.  He loves making this because it involves coloring, cutting and gluing.  Three of his favorite things.

I've also been having him work on his alphabet dauber sheets and his alphabet letter sorting.  He loves all of these activities.  Incorporating a variety has really been helping.
In addition to all of these we practice the alphabet chart everyday.  We say the letter name, the sound, the picture, and a motion for each letter.  He's finally getting it too!  Now I can ask him what is this letter?  He'll tell me about half of them, but he knows the motions (such as touching the wrist for t=time) for most of them.  

I love that the combination of activities above is working so quickly.  I'm seeing progress and so is he.  He's finally able to read some very simple books and he's proud and asks, "am I mastering this one?"  I love it!

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