Five For Friday - Lots of Alphabet Practice and Clipart

Friday, January 16, 2015

I can't believe it's already Friday.  It's been a busy week.  I started the week off with finishing up the final touches on my Interactive Alphabet Notebook.  This has been a huge hit with my son and has been successful in helping him learn his alphabet.  He's been struggling.  Be sure to read this post about the notebook.  It goes into quite a bit of detail of what's included.
This past weekend I started some of my seeds.  You can't see too well in the picture, but there's finally some baby onion sprouts popping up. I try to grow just about everything we plant from seeds.
I created five new sets of clipart this week!  That's right five!  Actually, six, but I haven't uploaded my newest set, another set of kids, yet.  Maybe today.  The cute Valentine Love Bugs are a freebie.  If you download please be sure to leave some feedback.

If you want to know what sets I've created during the week please follow my shop or Facebook.  That's where I'll post the new sets when they're added to my shops.  I'm only going to be doing a weekly blog post of the new sets.
I spent quite a while making these fun alphabet mazes.  These were a huge hit!  There is a faint picture under the maze of that starts with the letter as well as the picture on the side.  There is one maze for every letter of the alphabet in this set.  Each maze features both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Be sure to ready my blog post on these mazes.  As well as the alphabet mazes I've noted several other resources that help with learning the alphabet.  There's also a freebie in the post.
Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the library.  I love using the public library.  My son loves it so much and it's really fun to see the different books, movies, and puppets he wants to check out ever time.

Happy Friday!


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