Five For Friday and a Ton of Freebies

Friday, January 9, 2015
 I started my week off by making a whole bunch of new fonts.  Five to be exact!  These have all been added to my Mega Fonts bundle
 I also worked on a couple new sets of clipart.  I have so many things I want to draw and not enough time.
 There are 25 borders in this thin border set.
I love how my penguin doodles turned out.
We celebrated my sons birthday this week.  I can't believe he's already 8!
He's been really interested in cooking and wanted to decorate his own cake.  I love that he has such an interest.
I did a super long post about setting up guided reading at home yesterday.  Make sure you read the post.  There are three freebies in that post.  My son has really been struggling with learning his alphabet and numbers at school so I'm really going to be trying hard to work with him at home.  Although he doesn't really like to work with mom.  If anyone has any suggestions please leave me some feedback.
I just created a set of ABC dauber worksheets.  These are similar to my number dauber worksheets.  Just because I love everyone who purchases from my shop and finds my products useful I've decided to make these free for today only.  If you do download them please leave me feedback!  Make sure you grab these today because they'll be $3 after tonight.
My son loves doing these worksheets!  Don't look too closely at the letter T page though.  He got carried away and wanted to do the dauber in a pattern and would not have it any other way this time.

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