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Thursday, January 8, 2015
My youngest son has a very difficult time with learning his letters and reading. He only knows maybe ten letters and their sounds. I know it's hard at school for the teachers to work with every child's individual needs and I feel like he's not learning to his greatest potential.

I tried working with him a lot this past summer before he started kindergarten, but since I'm his mom he really didn't want to do much with me.  Well, I decided I've got to do something at home with him and I finally got it all set up a few days ago.
I saw this post  on Little Minds at Work about Reading Interventions.  I thought this is exactly what I needed to do at home with my son.  We tried it out and guess what?   He loved it!  In fact, in one day he learned how to spell the word see, unscramble the word, sound it out, and say the word.  They've been in the same reading unit at school for three weeks now trying to learn this word. 
The above photos show what I've included in my box full of goodies for guided reading at home.  I used a box I had leftover from Ikea.  I printed some of Little Minds at Work free printables.  I made several of my own things that we will be using.

In our box we have two different kinds of whiteboards, a chalkboard, sight word dice, sight word flashcards, alphabet flashcards, slinkies, letter tiles, an alphabet chart, sound strips, sound boxes, clear rocks, car, racing sound mats, books, cards for spelling promts, and sight word songs.  I got a couple  of songs from Miss Kindergarten and I made one of my own.  Click the picture or link below for a free copy of my song.
I wanted to create an alphabet chart of pictures and words my son knew.  I see a lot of alphabet charts with yak, but he has no idea what that is and would never know that a yak was a y or what a yak even is.  This chart is simple and fun for us.  If you would like a free copy of my alphabet chart click the picture or link. 
I made some fun superhero sound boxes to use with stone markers.  If you would like a free copy of my superhero sound boxes click the picture or link below.
I hope some of what I shared with setting up a Guided Reading system at home will help you out with your struggling reader.  I know we love everything in our box and it's helping.

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