Fun Writing with Roll A Story and a Freebie

Wednesday, January 13, 2021
Several of my students hate writing. There's just something about having to sit there and putting their thoughts on paper that they don't enjoy. I know I'm not the only one with students like this and I'm sure many of you have students just like mine! 

One way I've found that I can get those kids to enjoy writing is if I incorporate dice into writing. They absolutely love rolling a dice to learn who their character, plot, and setting in their story will be. If this helps my kiddos that struggle with writing then I am all about giving them these activities to promote a love of writing.

I have used these in my classroom for all different holidays and seasons. It doesn't matter the holiday or activity, my students love them all! I made sure to include a picture for younger kids and also what each picture represents for older kids. This makes this resource work for grades where students are at different levels. I have several second graders who still struggle to read some words so the picture serves as a clue for them but also the words help those that can read.

If you're looking for a fun Valentine's activity then be sure to check out my Valentine's Day Roll A Story. It is so cute and fun for the kids. 

If you love the Valentine's Roll a Story I have included this in Holidays Roll A Story Bundle. Click the picture below to see everything that's included in this bundle.

If you'd like to try one first my Thanksgiving Roll A Story is free! Just click the picture below. Be sure to download it to see everything that's included. 

All of the Roll A Story resources of mine come with both a printable version and a digital version that can be used with Google Classroom.

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