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Wednesday, May 20, 2020
I know distance learning has been hard! Not just for me but for every teacher I know. The one thing my students look forward to every week is our directed drawings on Friday.

This week it is all about lions so I wanted to share this fun directed drawing freebie with you.

My district is requiring us to teach reading and math every day. Writing, science, and social studies we assign, but are optional. So, with those guidelines I try to incorporate science and writing into my reading time as much as I can.

We usually learn about biomes at the end of the year, but are unable to really dive deep into them with distance learning. I've been teaching one biome a week for reading, although the students mostly think it's just fun to learn about different animals. This week we're doing grasslands and learning all about lions. I read some fictional lion books, nonfiction books, we watch videos, and we end the week with a directed drawing.

In this free resource you'll find everything you need to assign a fun lion directed drawing to your students. I usually make a video of myself drawing the lion, then give them one of the papers with a writing page to complete. You can choose to do this any way you'd like. If you want to upload it to google classroom just save the page you want as a png or screenshot. Then, in Google slides click change background and drop and drag the image you saved. It's super easy!

I hope you and your students enjoy the drawing.

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Lion Directed Drawing
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