CVC Race Track Matching

Wednesday, May 7, 2014
So I've been slowly plodding away on my CVC giant bundle.  Then, I was thinking, I should separate some of the things into their own individual packets.  Today, as I was creating more things to put into the packet I decided on the first thing to upload to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and I think it's a really great activity.
The product I created and uploaded to day is CVC Race Track Matching.  You print out and laminate the pages, then cut along the dotted lines.  Students then need to match the picture in the sign to the correct license plate on the car.
One students have correctly matched their cards they will then write the word next to the correct picture on the worksheet.  The cards could also be used without the worksheets if desired.  There are two different versions included in this set with different cards and pictures.  The worksheets are also in color and black and white.  (Sorry I can't figure out how to flip the above picture.)
This would be a wonderful activity for literacy centers and for students learning their CVC words.  This set gives students the opportunity to practice identifying, matching, spelling, and writing their CVC words.  Make sure you grab CVC Race Track Matching while it's on sale too.

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