New Fonts Added to Font Mega Pack

Thursday, June 5, 2014
I made six new fonts this week and I'm in the process of having my son make one too.  It's taking him a bit though so it may be a day or two.  His will be so cute if I decide to include it.  It'll look like a young child's handwriting, because that's just what he is.
The picture above shows the six new fonts I added to the Fonts Mega Pack today.  I love these fonts.  I think the Dinosaur font is one of my favorites with eyes, teeth and tails throughout.  I really love them all though.  They're all unique and could be used in a lot of different resources for various things.
The fonts pictured above were ones I added a while ago, but forgot to post a picture here.  With all the fonts I added today there are now 39 fonts in the Fonts Mega Pack.

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