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Saturday, January 10, 2015
If you read my post about guided reading at home this week then you know I've been looking for ways to help my son learn his letters and sounds.  I know I've created the perfect thing too.  An interactive alphabet notebook!
I know there are a few interactive notebooks out there.  I wanted to create one that had components that were new and fresh ideas, but still provided practice in a fun and engaging way.  Well, we have been loving this notebook!
 There are eleven different activities in these interactive notebooks for every letter of the alphabet.  That includes four pages each.  What is wonderful is it's entirely up to you whether you use all four or not.  You can mix and match to meet the individual students needs.  For example, if I know my son knows how to write a certain letter then I don't need him to complete the letter tracing and writing portion.  Once he masters skills we'll just use the activities he hasn't mastered yet.  This way the journal can be tailored to his needs as his learning progresses.
 There are four different covers to choose from.  You can choose a generic cover or one for individual boys and girls. I love that these interactive pages also give students lots of practice with cutting, gluing, coloring, writing, tracing, and drawing.
 When I created this we got to work right away and we loved it!  He asks to do this now.  My older son thinks it is so cool (his words).  He's been begging me to make him some kind of interactive notebook.  Now I need to think of what he needs more help with (he's a smarty-pants and usually doesn't need extra help).  I would highly recommend an interactive notebook for struggling students, the beginning of the year, learning the alphabet, and phonemic awareness.
 We are hooked and hopefully you will be too!  If you download the preview you'll get two free pages for letter A.

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