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Saturday, May 16, 2020
I know it's late in the year, but I was scrolling through my phone looking at my pictures and found all of these pictures of my classroom I'd taken at the beginning of the year. Maybe it'll help someone for next year if we're able to get back to our classrooms after this crazy coronavirus.

Here is a view from one corner towards my teacher area. A third grade teacher and I share the middle room. We hate the sliding wall! It's wasted space and I really wish they'd put a real wall in with a door. I have different colored pom poms hanging above each table group. Everything in my room is color coded so blue table knows they always get the blue caddy, blue math bin, etc. The skip counting posters about the ugly sliding wall have been a lifesaver for some of my students and they're super cute too!

You can see my small group teacher table in the background. I have 6 computers in my room. They take up so much space and I've found this arrangement takes up the least amount of space and keeps the cords in the middle. I really want chromebooks for all my students instead! A retiring teacher gave me the rug at a garage sale.

My students keep up to five books in their book bins each week. Then they have a certain day they get to switch their books. I only do 1-2 groups a day so it doesn't get too crazy in my class library.

This is my favorite part of the room! I made the labels with the title or author name and a number. Every book has a number in it that matches the label making it easier for the kids to find where to put them back.

This shelf holds all of our math manipulates, misc. supplies, and the turn in bin. Above the shelf is a magnetic board to do lunch count. 

This is the student cubbies. The tape is falling off! I just write their names on a binder clip with a silver sharpie. Then I use a dry erase marker over it at the end of the year. This is the best way I've found to label my cubbies year after year.

We keep all of our supplies on this shelf.

Students choose one way to greet me each day.
My teacher desk area. I always feel like it's a bit messy, but it works. I continually move things and change things here. Someday I'll figure out what works best for me.

Thanks for touring my classroom today!

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