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Friday, April 11, 2014
This week has been so busy for me.  I've been doodling like crazy and making lots of clipart.  The first set of clipart I made this week was a whole bunch of Frog Doodles.  I love how they turned out.  I didn't need them for anything special I'm making, I just really wanted to try and make some frogs.  If you want to read more about them head on over here to my blog post.
In addition to my frog doodles set I finished three new sets of Alphabet Clipart.  I'd really been wanting to make a set in shades of pink, a set of blues and greens, and also a set of black and white letters.  This means that I now have a set for every season and holiday plus a blank set that can be used to color in or other things.  I think I'm finally done with creating different colored sets, at least for now.
Then as the week went on I continued making my CVC worksheet bundle, which is still not finished.  Hopefully soon though.  I needed more CVC pictures for this bundle than I had so I decided to doodle some more drawings.  What resulted was a set of CVC clipart with 5-6 images for each vowel.
As I was working on my CVC worksheet bundle this week I realized I needed some cute frames for part of it.  Well, I didn't have any frames and I thought I could make some scrappy doodle looking frames.  That's just what I did.  I ended up creating 192 Scrappy Doodle Frames
There are squares, circles, rectangles, and headers.  Each set has four different styles of frames and comes in 12 colors.  So, there are 48 squares, 48 circles, 48 headers, and 48 rectangles.  Head on over here to my original blog post to see these better and read more about them.

Yesterday was conference day with my sons teacher.  He's doing great so far, but a little behind in reading, which I expected.  He has some vision problems which has slowed down the reading process.  He's finally beginning to catch up and I don't think there are any real concerns.

After we got home from the conference he started getting sick.  Now he's got a fever and can't swallow.  I'm pretty sure it's strep throat.  So, not a great ending to our busy week, but overall it's been an okay week.

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